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izmirian Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in the "izmirian" journal:
June 25th, 2009
10:33 pm


my fun with photos this afternoon
Look, a glowing cave from an alien planet.

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September 28th, 2008
11:47 am


Bailout complaints
Although I have some complaints about the proposed bailout package, I'm starting to have more complaints about the media complaining about the bailout package. No one seems to bring up the point that the government is already on the hook for billions of dollars if banks go under (through the FDIC insurance program and similar programs for credit unions, etc). A quick google search didn't tell me the total exposure that the government has under the FDIC program but I could easily believe that letting the banks go under and then refunding people's money would cost more than keeping the banks from going under.

Plus, there's all kinds of other investments like money market funds that people expect to keep their value and the government would probably bail out if they started going under. Finally, with the bailout program the government is making an investment (though probably at a price above the current market price) so the final cost could be much smaller than the amount invested once the market stabilizes and the government might even make money. It's not at all clear that purchasing questionable debt from the banks will be more expensive in the end than letting them fail. Yet that doesn't get much (any?) discussion in the media.

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September 20th, 2008
11:44 am


Where did the money go?
I've been hoping recently that someone would write a good article providing statistics on where the money in the current sub-prime lending crisis actually went. Clearly the banks ended up with a lot more defaults on their loans than they were expecting and it seems like an obvious question to wonder who actually ended up with that money. In the scenario where someone bought a house and then defaulted on the loan, presumably most of the loan amount went to the person who sold the house, or to the builders if it was a new construction. In the scenario where someone took out lots of home equity loans on their own house and then defaulted on the loans, presumably they spent most of the money on buying things, taking vacations, etc. Also, in both cases all of the people in the mortgage issuing business made some profit on providing the loan even if the lender they worked ended up losing money in the end.

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December 13th, 2007
09:17 am


No eagles, just falcons
I went back to look for the Golden Eagles, but they were no longer around. Instead I saw a Prairie falcon and a Peregrine falcon (I think). They were over 100 feet away but I managed to take pictures of them through the binoculars (the digital camera does a surprisingly good job of focusing through the binoculars, which effectively gives you a 24x optical zoom, though somewhat poor image quality)

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July 27th, 2007
05:31 pm


126 hummingbirds

Actually I think there are only three hummingbirds coming to the feeder, but I took 126 pictures today. This is actually easier than it sounds since our camera has a very fast burst mode. My favorite is a composite of two pictures taken about one third of a second apart when the hummingbird is leaving the feeder, possibly in a hurry since there is a lot of chasing which goes on at the feeder.

I like how the Hummingbird has rotated hundred 180 deg from facing the camera to facing away from the camera as well as rotating from a vertical to a horizontal pose.

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October 6th, 2005
11:35 pm


watched by fighter jets
So as I was windsurfing this afternoon, five fighter jets flew right in front of me in close formation about 300 ft above the water. Just as they passed me (and I'm pretty sure they were waiting to spot me), they turned on their smoke trails. Later they went into a big orbiting patern. I assume that these were the precision flying guys practicing for fleet week. But it was pretty cool.

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July 1st, 2005
02:34 pm


time visions fade
This thread:
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The dizziness hits him in waves, the lights fading and shifting redder, he stumbles slightly and leans back against the wall. He sees her now, dressed in a lavender cotton blouse and beige pants walking to the empty table. The woman who had called herself Jessica. She is younger now than she has been in many years, and her hair is strangely brown, not the typical red that she always favored for dangerous "activities". She reaches under the table and pulls out a sheet of paper, smiling at the small words written on it. He strains to read through the time fog but the vision blurs and shifts, squirming almost as if to avoid his gaze. "Operation cobra_money" ... no, probably not. He grasps the twenty strongly between his fingers but vision races onwards.

Jessica is standing now to leave, taking the glass of ricedog from the table and carefully placing it in a bag, obviously mindful that one of the old ones may be following her and unwilling to leave behind items useful for aura tracing. But then she casually flicks the twenty out onto the table. This confuses him. Is she just being careless, assuming the waiter will take the twenty, leaving no one else to find it, or is she even more clever, leaving the twenty as a trap. His hands grow more sweaty, clenching the twenty.

He remembers the darts poisoned with betaphen, and the disorienting feeling after waking up hours later on the cold floor. He drops the twenty. She is on to him, though whether it is just a warning or a trap is not so clear. The roar of the time vision fades from his head, the lights regaining their clarity and the distorted angles and colors snapping back to normality. Solving this will clearly require a different approach, if he doesn't want to end up unconscious on the floor once again, like he did so many, many years ago.

He walks across the coffee shop to the table where Jessica had been. It is an old wooden table with knotted, cracked oaken boards held together from underneath. He slowly bends down on his knees and looks up at the table from underneath. If the others are following her with their gadgets and newfangled electronic firstfrost, there certainly will be a bug or two concealed under here. Ahh yes, the faint aura trace guides his fingers and he pulls the small silver rectangle from between the boards. Squeezing it tightly between his fingers he concentrates and the dizziness hits him, knocking him almost completely prone.

There she is, the girl with her computer equipment stacked on the table, testing her bug, "testing, one, two, three. Ok, we are totally configured for maximum audio fidelity". And now the girl is moving her equipment into the back, with the young waiter helping her, and a familiar figure looking on, occasionally giving instructions. Franklin. Now that would provide a much more fruitful and certainly less dangerous avenue of investigation.

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